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We are a Plasmon authorized reseller located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We buy and sell new and refurbished Plasmon optical storage libraries, archive appliances, and Plasmon storage media.  We are also a reseller of enterprise active archive software, and Plasmon service contracts.  Checkout our large online inventory of new and refurbished Plasmon systems and storage media.  If you have questions about any of our products or would like to consult with one of our archive storage experts, give us a call at (763) 577-0803.  Our friendly sales staff can assist you in finding a model that fits your company's archive storage needs.

Solutions for managing today's data archive applications

Today’s explosion of data and resulting data archive demands are driving increased complexity into business and IT environments. Not only is there more data, but it must be kept for longer periods of time, and specific files must be accessible within short time frames for legal discovery purposes. Archiving has become a business imperative, both to manage increasing cost and complexity, as well as to meet regulatory requirements.

Plasmon provides data archive solutions that help mitigate business and legal risk plus support revenue growth, all while reducing the cost of managing your data. With Plasmon archive solutions, you will have confidence that vital information is neither changed nor lost, and is always readily available for legal discovery. You’ll save money too, because Plasmon solutions store data on the most appropriate, low-cost archive tier that maintains your service level agreements. Plus, you will be able to eliminate fixed-content data from primary storage and backup processes, optimizing system performance, while reducing your back-up window.

Providing ultimate protection and long-term archive

UDO™ (Ultra Density Optical) technology is the underlying foundation to Plasmon’s archive solution portfolio. UDO technology is used in all of Plasmon’s products and solutions. It’s the first storage technology specifically
designed for long term professional data archive requirements. UDO™ provides absolute data authenticity for regulatory compliance or for any application where archived information must remain authentic and permanently unchanged. UDO has been designed and proven to deliver over a 50-year media life. Blue laser technology gives 60GB UDO2 media more than six times the capacity of previous technologies. Add in fast, random access capability, and your job just got more manageable.

UDO Archive Appliance: Delivering easy, integrated archival storage

Combining the performance and simplicity of network-attached RAID cache with the longevity and authenticity of UDO, Plasmon’s UDO Archive Appliance sets a new standard for enterprise archival storage. It easily integrates with e-mail, imaging, content management and many other applications. Simple integration enables quick deployment of an archival storage strategy that meets your compliance and risk management requirements at a very low total cost of ownership (TCO). There are UDO Archive Appliances to meet a full range of requirements, from entry level to large corporate enterprise environments.

Robust architecture

The UDO Archive Appliance is designed with a fully integrated architecture that leverages the strengths of disk, policy management, and UDO media to meet essential archive requirements in a way that traditional, monolithic storage products cannot match.

A UDO Archive Appliance can be divided into multiple archive storage partitions, enabling archive consolidation. This allows related records to be combined on a dedicated set of media in one archive volume that can be removed from the appliance when direct access is no longer needed. Applications can share the UDO Archive Appliance without mixing data across the same storage media. You can also make multiple copies of data within the archive. The multiple copies can be used as part of a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy employing off-line UDO media.

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